FAL/Bushmaster/RRA LAR-8 .308 Mag Carrier

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Built to the same standards of fit an finish as the rest of the line, these carriers put an FAL/Bushmaster/RRA LAR-8 .308 mag on your belt, ready for quick access. This carrier is compatible with all inch and metric variants of the FAL-style magazine. Belt clip is extra wide to handle the weight of a fully-loaded magzine, with enlarged ears for added security and locking force on the belt.  Can be removed from belt quickly when needed. Fits up to 1.75" belts.

Choosing Carrier Orientation: Choose Strong Side Shooting Hand (carriers will be opposite side) Example: Right-Handed Shooters, choose Right Hand Strong Side Carriers. They are worn on the weak, or left hip.



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Price: $27.95

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