G43X/G48 Single Mag Carrier

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Custom-made mag pouches by KYTEX® Shooting Gear for the new Glock 43X & G48 single-stack 9mm magazines. Self-tensioning design made of firearms-grade Kydex® eliminates the need to tighten screws to adjust. Smooth, quick reloads from simple, one-piece design. Lightest weight and smallest width possible, allowing up to six mag pouches to fit on one belt in USPSA or IDPA competition in Production or Stock Service Pistol. Impervious to all firearms cleaning chemicals and oils. Belt clip means quick removal when needed. Fits up to 1.75" belts.

Choosing Carrier Orientation: Choose Strong Side Shooting Hand (carriers will be the opposite side) Example: Right-Handed Shooters, choose Right Hand Strong Side Carriers. They are worn on the weak or left hip and face rounds-forward. See FAQ page for mag orientation options.

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Price: $18.95

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