Q: Are your pistol mag carriers one-direction, or can I insert the mag in either direction, facing foward or back?

A: The unique one-piece molded design of our carriers means they are hand-fit to perfectly match the shape and contours of your magazine, providing a snug clamping force that retains the mag securely, and still allows the mag to be removed with minimal force. The nature of this design means the mag will only fit in the carrier one way, with the back flat edge of the mag against the back flap of the carrier. The standard orientation for all pistol mag carriers is Rounds Forward. If you would prefer to have your carriers hold your mags facing Rounds Rearward, you’ll need to order the opposite of your Strong Side Shooting Hand.

Ordering Rounds Rear Orientation Pistol Mag Carrier
Ex. A right-handed shooter wears his pistol holster on his right hip, and spare mags on his weak side, or left hip. The shooter would normally order a RH SS model and wear them in the standard, Rounds Forward configuration. Selecting a LH SS model mag carrier will provide you with carriers worn on the same weak (left) side, but with the mag facing Rounds Rear.

Q: I’d like to wear one of your carriers IWB (inside the waistband) for optimal concealment. What model do I order?

A: If you are a RH shooter, you would normally order a RH Strong Side model mag carrier, and wear it OWB on your reload (weak side) in the standard Rounds Forward orientation. If the same RH shooter prefers IWB wear, he should order a LH Strong Side model. This mirror-image carrier of his standard RH Strong Side OWB model secures the mag in the same Rounds Forward orientation, but inside the waistband.

Q: What does the back of the belt clip look like?

A: Double carriers have a wider clip to spread the load of the two magazine’s weight. Single carriers have a clip the same width as the magazine.

Q: What standard colors do you offer for carriers?

A: We currently have three standard carrier colors: Black, Coyote Brown and OD Green.




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