New carriers for Sig P320/250, Walther PPQ M1/M2 and Steyr M Series pistols now available!

SigP320Thank you for all the emails and requests for new carriers we’ve received recently. We just received our new dies and completed new carriers for the Sig Sauer P250/320, Walther PPQ M1/M2 Series and Steyr M9/M40 pistols. As always, please keep your suggestions coming!

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New! LEO Duty Series Carriers

KYTEX Shooting Gear is proud to announce a line of LEO-tailored single and double mag pouches for Glock G17/22/31 full-size mags and Surefire 6P/G2/G2X lights worn on 2.25″ duty belts. Designed with the lightest weight and smallest width in mind, the design allows multiple mag pouches and a Surefire light carrier to easily fit on a duty belt with minimal space used. Fits LEO-style 2″ and 2.25″ duty belts – See more at:

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New Sig Sauer Carriers are here!

P220Thanks for your suggestions and patience as we continue to grow our product lines. We’ve recently completed four new products for the most popular Sig Sauer pistols, the P238, P239, P938 and P220. Thanks for your continued interest and keep sending in your requests for new products!

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Product Update: H&K P30/VP9 Carrier

H&K VP9 owners, you will be pleased to know our H&K P30 mag carrier has been verified to work with H&K’s newest hit, the VP9, as they share the same magazine. Buy here.

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Gear Review: Jamie Franks

Jamie Franks, Navy Rescue Swimmer, Top Shot Season 2 contestant and competitive shooter talks about why he prefers KYTEX Shooting Gear magazine carriers over other brands at the recent Zombie Destruction Biathlon shoot on April 29, at Battle Road USA in Buckholts, TX.

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KYTEX Shooting Gear featured in RECOIL Magazine

We wanted to send a big thanks to author Keith Wood, as well as all the folks at RECOIL Magazine for their past business and for featuring a newly prototyped H&K P7 mag carrier in their great review of the P7.  (click to view)



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New Carriers for Glock, Springfield, Ruger and H&K!

Newitems_2-20-2014Thanks for your great feedback and requests on new products. Keep them coming! We’ve just completed several new designs and we now have mag carriers for the following:


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Blog: SDCarry Product Review

Recent review of KYTEX Gear pistol carriers on

From the blog: “I have the opportunity to try out a couple of the nifty and innovative Kytex magazine carriers. These are truly the most interesting and innovative mag carriers going.”

Read the full review here:

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Shopping Cart Update Completed


Over the weekend we successfully upgraded our e-commerce platform and shopping cart payment options to provide a direct, on-site credit card payment solution. Protected by a new SSL certification, we now accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover cards for all orders. If you are a customer outside the U.S., please email and I can provide a custom estimate for shipping to Canada or overseas. Thank you for your continued business!

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New In-Depth Review

Matt Demski's review
Matthew Demksi reviews
various KYTEX Shooting Gear carriers for rifles and pistols.

UPDATE: In-depth two-part review now posted to his Youtube channel!

Part 1
Part 2
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